My name is Jack Morris Jones and I am soon getting married and I want to plan for a UK stag which I would love you to be a part of:



Get 12 of us potential UK stags over the course of two days together and celebrate my last few months of freedom. Nothing too insane but certainly an opportunity to have a good time and get to know each other.

Sept 30 - Oct 1 2017

Day 1

Travel to Milton Keynes in convoy (a few drivers required)

Check in to this hotel for the night £34 per night

(It's right next to the canal, more about that later)

Then turn up the heat with some friendly competition in a 'VRrace'. (The slowest lap has to buy the first round) £20 pp 

We might only be in Milton Keynes but we shall feast on a world of cuisine at an old favourite of mine. £15 pp

With full stomachs we shall head back to our hotel to drop off the cars and get ready for the night ahead.

We take a few taxis to the local 24hr Casino £5 each

Drink, gamble and be merry.

Back to the hotel via a few taxis £5 each

Sleep and dream about what we are going to spend your winnings on.

Day 2

Wake up and re group in the hotel lobby and check out.

Then from the canal on site jump aboard our private boat and take to the waters for a couple of hours to see Milton Keynes from the water, enjoy some brunch and perhaps even a few more beers.£25 pp (roughly)

Return to the hotel and head home.

TOTAL PREDICTED COST = £110 + plus spending money (drinks etc)