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CLIENT: TESCO. A map of the UK showing where Tesco's top selling ales are brewed. This was released to the press and used internally.

CLIENT: TESCO. A set of infographics illustrating interesting facts and data about Tesco’s re-launch of the Value range in Central Europe.

CLIENT: TESCO. Examples of Neighbourhood Food Collection infographics which displays the positive impact Tesco colleagues and customers had across it’s markets and regions.

CLIENT: TESCO. Left - An infographic displaying visitor behavior on Tesco’s intranet. Right - An infographic depicting the concept of merging internal digital platforms to improve performance.

CLIENT: TESCO. An infographic which provides clarity on the four pillars of trust for use when Tesco colleagues speak to stakeholders and suppliers.

CLIENT: TESCO A set of four infographics which explain Tesco’s commitments to ‘Trust In Food’.

CLIENT: TESCO. Festive Infographics used in Christmas communications to internal audiences on digital channels. ​

CLIENT: TESCO. A world map showing food sourcing regions and some facts about the local Technical Managers and the product categories they are responsible for.

CLIENT: TESCO. Left - An infographic showing a improved process to source wild salmon using the 'T logic' method. Right - A pre-release infographic to build excitement around the 'HUDL2' tablet.