Hello, I am a specialist in brand development and management, across static and motion graphics.

Since graduating from the University of Hertfordshire in 2008 and gaining a degree in Digital Animation, I have managed visual aspects of brands within the retail sector. These include many areas within corporate communications, events and social media.

I also have experience in freelance branding, design consultancy and media creation for modular 'eLearning' systems.

I thrive where I can be creative, bring ideas to life and learn new skills. 

    Don't just take my word for iT

Jack is absolutely brilliant to work with. He is very creative and has a natural instinct to turn ideas into engaging graphics. He is collaborative in his approach and always open to new ideas. He has a very fun-loving and kind personality, and I always look forward to working with him on new projects.

Jay Modi - International Corporate Affairs Manager, Tesco

Jack is fantastic to work with, not only is he a great graphic designer, but he is also creative, passionate and incredibly hard working.  

Katie Woodcock, Head of Group Commercial Communications, Tesco

Jack is a great graphic designer and brings a real creative energy to the team. His work is fun and engaging and always appropriately supports the subject matter. He is a great asset within the team and really helps to shape not just the design but the overall communication ambitions of the team.

Emily Buckley, Communications Manager, Tesco

Jack is one of those people who light up a room with warmth. He is a pleasure to be around and easy to work with. I consider him a skilled animator and 3D modeller, and I think he could blossom from being given the opportunity to work in a more client-orientated position.

Oli Milburn, Sr Designer at HH Global

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